Awesome Puzzle Game

User Rating: 8.9 | Archer Maclean's Mercury PSP
I never thought that I would like a puzzle game...but this game proved me wrong.

The gameplay on this game is great and can't make anybody addictited. I didnt expect this game to be this good because it is a puzzle game. IT's awesome. You control this blob of mercury . Sounds kinda wierd but its cool. You try to get it to an objective point but there are many obsticles in the way from getting to it, such as ledges, things that eat you, and different color changers. It can be very hard at some points but at others in can be very easy. It has a very good variety of levels and cool things like lasers that open doors for you. What I like most about this game is how you do stuff. You always have to do something that is cool on every level to get to the main objective point. It keeps you in the game. There are different areas that you can go to and beat. They each have like 12 missions inside each level. Seems long but it isnt really that long...

The graphics on this game are great. The mercury looks great and I have never seen it go through or into a wall. The surroundings look cool to, such as the blocks you are on and the lazers that open doors. They did a fine job on the graphics. The only thing bad about the graphics is the main menu, it hasz a kind of bad frame rate.

The sound is awesome. It's so good and there is nothing wrong with it. Everything sounds great, even the music. Sometimes puzzle music stinks but not this puzzle music. Its great!

Overall, this is a good game and is worth buying. The only problem is that it is a little short.