Explore and kill, kill and explore... Good versus evil...

User Rating: 8 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
I did not play many RPG before because I did not like to spend many hours searching or roaming for lost artifacts and spells and so on. I thought it was boring. But then I noticed this game and I bought it. I liked how it more of action than RPG. Of course, there are many quests to choose from, of course there are the skiils and the level-up. I liked that too. I liked to augment skills of my character. I liked the swords, the shields and all other sorts of RPG stuff. The basic idea is the battle between good and evil. Basically you have to free Arcaania of the foul influence of Xesha, a demon. The dialogues are sometimes boring and the player knows the right path towards the final goal. The graphics are not bad and the characters are well drawn. There is a variety of them. The music is relaxing. I enjoyed the game and I think it is underrated and under- appreciated. Overall, it's an interesting game.