Happy Creatures For You My Darling

User Rating: 4 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
game has completely changed to a horrible and boring stupidity , and once again the company's important plan was to achieve more sells not considering the fan's point of view, so within this campaign they have change all the unique aspects of Gothic to a game in genre of introduction to children for learn the very beginning aspects of role playing genre; colorful scenery, happy faces, not even a single drop of blood (and you actually call it Gothic!), fantasy made concepts, mouse and cat like tree of improvement (i wish they had some dancing tree for better fun) and gorgeous professionalism, fitting game for playing with family and any thing which could tempt a kid to play this kindergarten fun, i just want to ask a question from the Gothic mentors, why you named this game after Gothic?! you could name it" world of good guys against bad guys " or "kill the flies and i let you have my sword"