I think its the end of Gothic series.

User Rating: 5 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
First of all it is a very linear game, there is nothing you can do differently, basically questing is helping person A, by talking to person B, that sends you to person C, that send you etc, after a while I stopped reading the quests.

Second let down is removing all the rpg content, all the interactive content like sleeping, cooking, crafting is gone, the animations are still there, but you can craft anywhere by pressing C, no need for alchemy table or wet stone.

Third problem low FPS on even the highest end machines. Something is seriously wrong with the graphics engine. And since we are at graphics topic, a good news; thats the only good thing in the game. The graphics is absolutely stunning. On highest settings the views are breath taking.

And there is also the matter of skill tree, initially I thought Im missing some tabs or there is a separate window for it, but no, the skill tree is a joke, 3 simple lines (wouldn't even call it trees) for melee, 1 for ranged, and 3 magic. I've seen racing games with more advanced skill tree.

Fighting is basically mouse buttons mashing; LMB, LMB, RMB (attack, attack, dodge) rinse and repeat till dead.

The variety of weapons and armors is none existing, in total maybe 15 usable weapons (not including junk loot like rusted swords) and armor you only get for finishing quest in each area, total of 4-5 (havent finished the game yet).

I think the Gothic series should be left alone now.