Bug less and content-less. To many things missing that you except from a gothic game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
For a gothic game you would except a huge open world where you learnt various spells from transforming , raining down fire , to becoming a big game hunter and learning to different kind smithing.

But all you going to find here is a basic level up screens with 3 magic trees (fire,lighitng and ice ) , 2 fighiting and 1 for an archer. It's all very basic and after looking at it you that later in the game there is going to be a differeant menu where more things pop up for you to learn. The up-side is combat is improved from gothic 3

Exploration and the world is crap. World might be beautiful but it's half of what was of the last gothic game. Pretty much you have to follow the main quest which is not really interesting to unlock the next place for you to explore.

Although the animation from sitting down to a fire , sharpening your sword and laying on a bed is absolutely useless in this game, Although you perform the action it does nothing. Where before you had to be next to a fire to cook your meat and lay to a bed to sleep and restore health here it does nothing and it's a pointless animation making you think why it's there in the first place

The good
-Beautifull graphics
-Improved Combat system

The Bad
-Pointless animations
-Weak level up system compare to gothic 3
-Weak story
-Not as much to do