Gothic 3: alot of bugs,good gameplay. Gothic 4 a few bugs, bad gameplay whats better?

User Rating: 6 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
Gothic 4 was a game that we were all awaiting, still was it worth to wait? To be honest not really. The developers wanted to create a game that had good graphics and at the same time was "bug free". They managed that in a certain way. However when it comes to gameplay thats a different story. Gothic 4 was meant to be an RPG. It doesn't actually has alot of things that are important for a good RPG. Why would they leave you locked in an certain area untill you complete the quests and then let you pass to the other? Most players like exploration, this game has none of it... The combat is like hack and slash. Still I could recommend this game to newcomers of the genre, becouse in this game you don't need to do alot of search till you find where to go, and the combat isn't complicated. They still skipped alot of things that were the key to a good RPG : Dragon Age, oblivion. These things are the story, wich is not very good, exploration (this game hasn't got this at all). I gave it a 6 because if you enjoy hack and slash in a beautiful environment you will probably like this one. Not for hardcore RPG players.

The good:
Graphics are actually pretty good if you have a decent rig.
not many bugs

The bad:
No exploration