Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Cheats For PS2

  1. Secret Characters

    Diekbeck: When controlling Kharg's party beat the 20 round Arena trial in Cathena to get Diekbeck.

    Choco: When controlling Darc's party beat the 30 round arena trial in Rueloon to get Choco.

    Contributed by: damn posting limit 

  2. Japanese voiceover (PAL Version Only)

    Hold down R1, R2, R3 buttons when selecting language in the options menu and the option will be selectable.

    Contributed by: safetyzone 

  3. Unlock New Game+

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the New Game+ option. This allows you to start as Kharg with a King Statuette, 999 Spirit Stones, 3 Diamond Coatings, and 100,000 G; or Darc with a Romantic Stone, 999 Spirit Stones, 3 Diamond Coatings, 10 Bountiful Fruit, 50 Dilzweld Bombs, and 100,000 G.

    Contributed by: divad999 

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