I cant believe this great of a game can be so underrated....

User Rating: 8.5 | AquaNox PC
This players of this game looked at it in a wrong view. This game has all the great features that even counter strike can't beat (except for the storyline concept... I liked counter strike XD).

Carrying on, this game has an advanced graphic system that is available in use for the regular PC modem (its like playing counter strike source but only reduced a bit in graphics). It also matches the nice gameplay the producers have inputted in this game (you can access to a huge variety of weapons, countless minigames, a number of ships to pick and more). Also there's the nice multiplayer system that can be used as a battleground for players.

The only thing I see so "unfitting" about this game is the sounds(duh....its a 1st person shooting game...), and the lack of equality in weapons and ships(no real complaints here, there are weapons and ships here that really bursts up the crap out of you....and there's the powerful ones....). For me, Ithink this is an enjoyable game for players though the only thing they wouldn't like is the location of the battlefield (the ocean...duh) and the seemingly evadable attacks (I'm talking about missile countermeasures and debris XD). Either way, Its still a fun game to play.