If the thought of futuristic space-like envirorments and awsome biological genres excite you then play this game!!

User Rating: 8.8 | AquaNox PC
Its beena while since iv played it so bare with me. :)

Now this game has gotten abd reveiws in the past but i loved this game. It is basicaly a sub simulation in an (you guessed it) underwater envirorment. The part of this game that made me so crazy about it is the whole feel of the futuristic space-like feel of it. You have to play it to understand. The controls take some getting used to but in the end I found that they worked exremly well dispite what others say. I used the mouse/keyboard controls however you could use a joystick or exterior controller of your choice. The way you used my way, is you control pivoting up down left right and all inbetween with the mouse and forward back and side to side movement with the arrow keys.(arrow keys also contol boost and engine shut off) Guns and gun switching is done with the left and right mouse keys and scroller where as everything else (which is barly used) is done with keys of your choosing. The way your sub reacts in the water is very precise to waht you would think and faster adn more mobile subs will obviosly perform better.

The graphics are amazing! Back when it was released it was more so as you can understand but it wasnt as much the graphical power that I love but the raw art behind it. All the ships, characters and everything was just awsome. People had nano tech all over them and the weapons were so cool. Even if you never play the game I suggest you at least check out some concept art from the game. If they ever made a movie, Iwould be the first in line. Back to the game though, It was kinda dark but i felt taht it only added to the cool effect of it all. Also, I dont remember any glitches as far as graphics go.

Sound was another thing. I cant remember excatly but i remember really liking it. The sound of all the guns and torpedos in the water was somthing you dont hear often and they did an excellent job of it. One thing I would liek to point out was that the explosions i the game graphically and sound wise was spot on and really freakin cool. Also the voice acting was cool. Tons of unique voices to go along with sweat character designs. Little to complain about there.

Now comes why the game did not do so well, the gameplay. Even though the whole idea of the game was cool and the art was done superbly, the game left some to be desired as it was short, and at times, very tedious. And if you arent he patient type, there is alot of dialog that you must go through. you can skip it by clicking through and they do read it for you but it does take up alot of time.ont get me wrong i have played throught the game about 3 times. The upgrading of ships and weapons and story was fun but it could ahve been done better. As i said before, a book or movie would be outstanding. In the end I loved this game and I know many would enjoy it as well. If anything, please rent the game as it is short and would be truly worth it. PS. They is going to be released soon a nother version of Aquanox called "Aquanox: The Angels Tears" coming out for the Playstation 2. worth keeping tabs on (even though Play$tation sucks :P)