Not bad not bad at all .. if your willing to play in a breathtaking enviroment than this is your game..

User Rating: 8.7 | AquaNox PC
Its sad that the online community died down .. regardless this is game is very underrated espically by gamespot. The storyline isnt bad but what will really catch your eye are the graphics, its not the kind of graphics that looks pretty the type that makes you belive that your in a whole different world. Just how unique the game is by it self should be a great reson for you to pick it up. In the game you star a captain of an underwater ship ... you make friends and get betrayed fighting of rebels and your vicious old enemies with a mean submarine of the future. One thing that really got me was the setting .. underwater in the future jus blew me out of the water. But the major prob is a few glicthes here and there besides that its one heck of a game.