Aqua Aqua Cheats For PS2

  1. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    To unlock puzzle mode simply complete all of the lessons in training mode. Puzzle Mode
    Finish the game with a rank of 'Master' in all 4 stages and you'll unlock the Hidden Feature stage in Story Puzzle mode. Hidden Future stage

    Contributed by: kingmark 

  2. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Successfully complete the Paleozoic Era to unlock the Mesozoic Era in Story Puzzle mode. Mesozoic Era
    Successfully complete the Mesozoic Era to unlock the Cenozoic Era in Story Puzzle mode. Cenozoic Era
    Successfully complete the Cenozoic Era to unlock the Ancient Civilization in Story Puzzle mode. Ancient Civilization

    Contributed by: Bluffnix 

  3. Super Speed

    Code Effect
    At the main menu screen hold the X button for twenty (20) seconds then press start. Super Speed

    Contributed by: kingmark 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by FFrulez 17K