Though it isnt much different than the succesor, it adds a new punch to the series.

Pokemon Fire Red, and Pokemon Leaf green are both remakes of Pokemon Red/Blue. So the question is do I need them? Although the series is getting a little old, What I think is, "yes you do". . I never owned the original Red or Blue games so to have Fire Red basically takes those and Adds new Pokemon, and a few new twists.

The plot is almost exactly the same as the first two so I won
't go in depth. But basically you start out as a trainer in Kanto, receive a Pokemon from Professor Oak and you set off on your journey to become a Pokemon trainer . Along the way, you encounter your rival, and many other trainers on your journey to become the best trainer of all time and to catch all the Pokemon.

So what's new? This is basically the same game as Red/Blue. One noticeable thing is that when you open a saved game, it shows you the last four things you did in the game.

Many who have critisized the graphics, to you I say. Its a gameboy game. Get over it. Enjoy being able to go catch pokemon, or to fight a trainer, don't whine about the graphics. Its all about the fun any way right?