So do all good sequels have to be on a hand held nintendo?

This will be nice and short. Game play/Graphics/Story

Good to great. This took me back to using the original Okami powers and game play. Watching the emotions and reactions the people give still give me a subtle smile because they are animated in a very thorough out way. Okami falls in line with the generic "evil" spreading across the land, but you hardly feel that way most of the time.

I mean the game itself looks nice considering it is on the hand held. That is my major hang up though. It felt like the picture quality and game length/depth was cut back because we had to have it on the DS. It may be the best to not just make random side missions and bosses for games to draw them out. Still I can't seem to get enough of this water colored paradise.

Bottom line this was well worth getting for my in between game time. On a train/plane traveling this was a god send (small joke). If you happen to find yourself in need of a game that can be played during lunch breaks or long trips this would be a good option.