Ironically annoying.

What made me give up on this game is that fact that too many people are way to unatterally good at it. Its a great game and all, but after playing for a month I still landed on the bottom of the lists.

Its not that I'm bad at fps, at my lowest, half-sleeping states I'm nothing less then incredable at CoD, ET, and Origial Wolfenstein, not to mention BF2 and Quake III. (All of which I think to be great games), but I'm horrible at this game.

One second your walking , the next second your dead. Its my grudge against realistic games (like AA). Games are my escape from the real world. But in all fairness this i s a pretty good game. Good graphic, besides being pwned good gameplay, and great sound. As well as incredable replay value, and intense shootouts.

I'm putting the diffuculty as very hard, since I'm bad at the game.