There are a lot of things that Antichamber does right, and don't be turned off by the difficulty.

User Rating: 9 | Antichamber PC
One of my most anticipated games is finally released and what do I think about it? Well... IT'S GREAT!

The game does a lot of things in a very original and interesting manner. This game has no main menu of any sorts, no tutorial, no hand holding, nothing except tiny motivational posters that are really great but not in the way you would expect. You start off in a dark room with a main menu printed on the screen and a list of every motivational quote you have found, and this is the very beginning of the game. Once you leave this room the game starts and you won't encounter a single loading screen. The entire game can be played without a hiccup of any sorts which makes it easy to get into.

One of the things I love about this game is that it respects the player's intelligence. One thing that always bothers me is when puzzle games try to teach players complex concepts, but everyone knows that experience is the way to learn. And this is what this game does. No tutorial. It throws you into the game and you figure it out as you go. I wouldn't say this game is super hard (gamespot said it had a steep learning curve) and I wouldn't say it has a steep learning curve. I got the concept of the game almost immediately and probably the most important thing about this game is: DON'T CONCENTRATE ON REALITY! If you try to concentrate on how twisted and weird the game is then you will never solve a puzzle. This game does take concentration so if you just go with the flow then you will be able to beat this game without too much difficulty.

The game's visuals are very unique. Everything in the game is pretty much in solid colors with glowing effects. The visuals are similar to walking through the modern art section of an art museum. Everything is strange, bizarre, and yet... amazing! The visuals give the game an almost scary feeling because you have no idea what might be happening due to the games unpredictable behavior. Another thing I love in this game is its unpredictable behavior. You could be walking down a tunnel, turn around and notice an entire room behind you that never existed! I was down a tunnel and found a stair case, went up it, and found myself in the exact same tunnel at the bottom of the stairs! This makes the game (as mentioned before) slightly creepy.

I will say that the game's ending is pretty interesting, though odd. I won't ruin it for you, but it entirely changes the mood of the game. One slight problem people might have is the lack of any real plot or purpose to the game, but for me the interesting world and puzzles were enough to keep me going. A small gripe is that since the game doesn't inform you on what you need to finish tasks, you might end up standing in front of a puzzle for half an hour without even knowing you don't have the right tools to finish. For me this was true because I actually got to the ending of the game while missing a red gun (it helps) and I didn't know I needed it. I would've assumed that I wouldn't be able to make it to the ending without it but I had managed to, so that is one small gripe.

Overall: A great game, about 6-10 hours long depending if you finish all of the puzzles, challenging, unique, visually appealing, and definitely worth a buy.