A glorious puzzler to break the mind.

User Rating: 9.5 | Antichamber PC
A glorious mindbreaker of a puzzler and one of the most memorable and engaging games Ive played in decades. Really stimulates the mind if you take your time to approach the problems presented within as you try to wrap your mind around the non-euclidian world.

I find it to be game of the year material, I would have rated it a mighty 10, but ended cutting a bit because of a few issues. Like a difficult to see crosshair, and unresponsiveness at times on the grab tool.

The minimalist art style makes me think of Tron, a long time favorite movie of mine. Clean, crisp and precise and letting you focus exactly on the puzzling without distractions to get in the way. It is so very rewarding with those 'oh snap' moments when you figure out a real stumper of a puzzle. And do pay attention to the signs, those clues are crucial!

If you have a mind for puzzling, go snag it up asap. It is a quite worthwhile purchase!