Another Century's Episode Portable Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlockable Units

    The simplest way to unlock more units is to clear blocks. Once you're finished Block 8, more units can be unlocked via different criteria like clearing Secrets (by destroying the secret unit that appear after certain conditions are fulfilled), Ace ranking missions and clearing sub-missions. Do note that each secret, ace ranking and sub-mission will only be counted ONCE, so you won't be able to replay a mission again and again to ace rank it a few times to get your ace rank count up, for example, despite the statistics page showing how many times you clear a secret, ace rank a mission and/or sub-missions cleared.

    Code Effect
    Clear Block 2 Strike Freedom
    Clear Block 2 VF-25G
    Clear Block 3 Shinkirou
    Clear Block 3 RVF-25
    Clear Block 4 Bilbine
    Clear Block 4 VF-25S
    Clear Block 5 Powered Layzner
    Clear Block 5 Gundam Exia Repair II
    Clear Block 6 Falguen MAFFU
    Clear Block 6 00 Raiser
    Clear Block 8 Batshuu
    Clear Block 8 Johnathan Baronz
    Clear Block 9 Dominator
    Clear Block 8, 10 Secrets Stark Dyne
    Clear Block 8, 20 Secrets Quincy Baronz
    Clear Block 8, 30 Secrets Auge
    Clear Block 8, 35 Secrets 0 Gundam
    Clear Block 8, 20 Ace ranks Leprechaun
    Clear Block 8, 30 Ace ranks Zakarl
    Clear Block 8, 40 Ace ranks Oukaoh
    50 Ace Ranks Nirvash type ZERO spec-V
    Clear Block 8, 80 sub-missions Gilgazamune
    Clear Block 8, 120 sub-missions Zwarth
    Clear Block 8, 160 sub-missions Yatenkou
    Clear Block 8, 200 sub-missions Turn X
    Clear 240 sub-missions Sazabi

    Contributed by: JMak2000 

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