Very similar to Anno 1404, especially impressive if you're new to the franchise.

User Rating: 8.5 | Anno 2070 PC
What a delightful feeling to once again play a game designed 100% with keyboard & mouse in mind.

Anno 2070 does not represent a big change compared to Anno 1404. You get roughly the same interface. The world is still made up of small islands, each of which contains only a fraction of the resources you need to build your civilization. Your (Eco-)citizens will want communicators, which requires a factory, which in turn requires a microprocessor factory, which requires a sand extractor and a copper mine. None of which are found on the island your settlement is located on. Add similar complexities for a dozen other end-products and you have an intricate game that requires handling of trade routes, intelligent use of the available land mass and so on.

Several play modes are available: a campaign, single missions and a continuous game, where in some ways the latter two are actually the most rewarding. The campaign serves almost as just an introduction to these other modes.

Anno 2070 will likely completely engross you, hours pass as if they were minutes. And that is also the downside of this game: there is not a lot of action, but somehow you'll be occupied every second managing the minute details of your empire.

It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but what it does, this game does extremely well.