Excellent Strategy and City Builder

User Rating: 9.5 | Anno 2070 PC
Got this the day it came out, and i must say i am very impressed !

the graphics in this game are gorgeous, but even with a pimped out PC it is easy to get slowdown, the graphics on medium are still excellent (better than almost anything out there now).

the missions have been straightforward, but i will say that the game is tedious and a little dry at sometimes. it sometimes isnt very clear on what your objective is or what you need to do.

for instance i messed around for 20 minutes trying to figure out how to deliver two ships to a scientist. at first you would think it is time to build them yourself, when in fact you need to give him the two ships already in your posession. i dont know why but this confused the hell out of me.

once you get into the second part of the campaign the game really starts to open up, you also get some pretty mac daddy buildings because you are now working with the scientists. oh and you can build things underwater !

all in all i would say at least try this game. if you are the least bit into strategy and city building games then get it !

UPDATE: so i have played a lot more of this game and all i can say is it rocks, but it is VERY hard in parts. i find playing as the eco's is just like real life, you are a smelly hippy with no money and its pretty difficult to make it. well you can sell weapons but after the first few times their value drops considerably. the tycoons are easy to make money with, on the other hand you destroy the environment. then you have the techs, this is probably the easiest faction to play as, but also the most exspensive. i find their buildings cost a lot more than everyone elses.

i am also uprgrading my score to 9.5, i would say ten but the .5 is for the difficulty, its not really something you can pick up and play easily. it takes a lot of practice and frankly i could see a lot of people giving up on it.