Anito: Defend a Land Enraged Cheats For PC

  1. Infinite Points/500 score

    In the village of Lanuevo, activate the quest where you must get the Senastille and Kongsun couple together. When you find the father of the Kongsun woman, talk to him repeatedly to keep gaining points.

    Contributed by: fayzex 

  2. Max Chakra Skills

    First open up Explorer and navigate to your saved games folder. Open the folder that contains the saved game you're currently playing and look for a file called ''''. Open it up with notepad and search for the following strings (Note: replace any number after the string to indicate the level of your chakra skill. The max level for any skill is 4, so don't go above that or it'll get bugged). Example: Change "skill_level_red0" to "skill_level_red4" in order to get level 4 Combo skill.

    Code Effect
    skill_level_green0 Astral
    skill_level_green1 Heal
    skill_level_green2 Focus
    skill_level_green3 Strike
    skill_level_yellow0 Curse
    skill_level_yellow1 Slow
    skill_level_yellow2 Read
    skill_level_yellow3 Drain
    skill_level_brown0 Attack Dmg +%
    skill_level_brown1 Attack Dmg +%
    skill_level_brown2 Attack Dmg +%
    skill_level_brown3 Attack Dmg +%
    skill_level_orange0 Spook
    skill_level_orange1 Charm
    skill_level_orange2 Summon
    skill_level_orange3 Stun
    skill_level_red0 Combo
    skill_level_red1 Rush
    skill_level_red2 Aim
    skill_level_red3 Avoid

    Contributed by: fayzex 

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