'Lemmings' is a frustrating & irritating game of trial-and-error that I just never had much fun with.

I have never played a 'Lemmings' game before downloading this for my PS3. It didn't take me long to figure out that I really don't like these 'trial-and-error'/puzzle games where the goal is to safely direct little creatures to the end of the level. Of course there are all sorts of obstacles in your way and there is where the gameplay comes in.

The problem with 'Lemmings' is that there is an insane amount of trial-and-error and repetition. If you mess up once, you have to start the level over from the beginning. Sure the levels aren't that long, but it's annoying nonetheless. Giving each of your lemmings skills is an interesting concept, except then you realize there just aren't that many skills to see here.

The game doesn't look that great either. The graphics are very simple, but I guess they are effective. The developer, Team 17, also made the 'Worms' titles and you can tell right away as there are a lot of similarities between the two games. Even some of the noises your lemmings make are the same as the Worms do in their game. Overall, the presentation was a letdown and came off as feeling like a lazy port.

If there is one thing I did like about the game, it has to be the excellent music. It's rare that a game will have me humming it's tunes after I turn it off or even get my girlfriend to stop as she walks by the TV and ask me what that music is from. The title screen theme is the best of the bunch.

In the end, I didn't really like 'Lemmings' because (in my opinion) it's a boring, repetitious game of trial-and error and just isn't fun. There aren't a lot of levels here, so this isn't even a good deal in terms of content. The presentation is lackluster (other than the excellent music) and whole package comes off as half-hearted and lazy. I can't recommend this game to anyone but the most hardcore 'Lemmings' fans.