Contra's style of gaming has changed many arcade-based games, but there isn't a lot of longevity in the game.

You start on the shores of the island. You get a call from the chief that something went terribly, terribly wrong. You go with your buddy that has that handsome shirtless figure, and it's up to you to be as Contra's and destroy that enemy threat that long hides in your nation's fears. You fight your way through hordes of enemies and find your objectived to destroyed the underground of the enemies grasp. You soon arived on the turdra that seeks out your greatiest threat, the womb!

The game that you buy for five bucks is just worth it. Contra is just going to eat up at least ten minutes of your time without you even noticing you had a drink in front of you. Fighting through the hordes of enemies, patterns or not, you will find out that your eyes will be glued to the screen until you get the feeling of the heavy eyelids. The game contains full alert of graphical enhanced options and the choice of difficulty. You will find the game short, but the game is only a short percentaged of a sixty dollar game.

The story is pretty vague in Contra. I cannot tell what you do or what you are supposed to do as a Contra, but all I know is you have to kill some sort of odd creature that lurks in the island that you have infratrated such long ago. It's you to destroy that threat in such a short period of time, to get that damn achievement, and kill the mystical creature and save your country of self persaverance.

The controls of the game is as solid as second nature as a title name for it. You do not need to worry about a long learning curve and a frustrating act to your Xbox 360. You just shoot with your "A" button and just press your "B" button to jump or drop down with your avatar. The only thing that may finding it frustrating is peaking at the screen to find those blending color bullets. At the end of the day, you will find it getting use of it.

Graphics is one thing that a reviewer may find hard in a classical game. I am reviewing as a today-based game compared to a Gameboy Advane game. The game's graphics are just average is all you have to say. You can changed the graphics to the orginal Nintendo or the updated graphics today. Both are the same to appeal, but you notice that using it during gameplay will change your experience.

The sound is maybe my favorite piece of this masterpiece. The fact of that lovely melody of stroming the island makes it feel like you are actually storming a base in a 80's based movie. The sounds of the gun is average as a two demisinal game, but it is disapointing to find that the game don't have sounds affects added to this classic. After an hour, you will just start humming the first level's song and get it stuck during a chore or job session.

At the end of hour, Contra will not let you play for awhile, you have probably just beaten the game by now and maybe beaten half of the achievements. The achievements is maybe what makes you play the game, and the fact that this is a classic. Contra is the best, but not the best you find in the Arcade.