Town Tune request?

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I would like to ask if anyone can take a town tune request? I want the part of this song that starts at 0:01 or 0:06 Thanks in advance~!
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theres a couple flicker of notes that would be impossible to recreate with the town tunes system, but this is as close as i could get it. it probly won't sound that great or how you want it to sound.   

A(orange), G(yellow, A(yellow), C(dark orange), rest, A(orange), rest, E(red), D(dark orange), hold, hold, C(orange), hold, hold, hold.


...actually, after testing it, it sounds pretty close. just in case you don't know, a rest would be setting the little frog all the way down, or off. and a hold is one click above the rest, which would be the purple with the "-" 

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Wow this is perfect! Thank you so much!