Lookin for friends ^^

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#1 Posted by Dark09star (4 posts) -
Hello there everyone :3 I got the game 3 days ago, and now I would like to play with people haha. It was really fun adding friends from here on City Folk, So I'm sure it will be more fun with new leaf :3. Name: Neku Friend Code: 3909 7678 2820 Town: Traverse My town has pears.. and I am growing peaches, bananas, apples and some other stuff that I don't remember. lol
#2 Posted by roflcakesintern (7 posts) -
Roflcakes 2466-2056-5860 Town: Internet
#3 Posted by john917 (4 posts) -
My name is John My FC is 3308-5859-0674
#4 Posted by john917 (4 posts) -
Roflcakes added you tooo
#5 Posted by xOhDamnItsJrx (272 posts) -




#6 Posted by Dark09star (4 posts) -
Ok I added all of you guys :3. Feel free to come over when the gates are open ^^;;
#7 Posted by YouNOspotMe (162 posts) -

I'll add everyone in this thread! :D Would love to visit and collect more fruit! 


Mawiony / 3093-7492-1537

#8 Posted by Metal_Yoshi (18 posts) -

Name: MiniMug

Town: Suburbia

FC: 0103-9916-1084


How are your turnip prices? Mine are selling for 119 currently. Gates are open!


PS- I added everyone :)

#10 Posted by DN13x (21 posts) -

Adding everyone in the thread now..



CODE - 0447-5697-7531

Name - Dyldo

#11 Posted by Dark09star (4 posts) -
I still didn't buy any turnips so it wont help now T^T. my turnip price is 63, not really that great lol.
#12 Posted by jonzilla_basic (2327 posts) -
I just got this game yesterday feel free to add me 4983-6011-8251 Name: BUTTER Town: Aversa
#13 Posted by galacticobob (373 posts) -

This is my first animal crossing, so be nice, ill add people the people here too. 

Town: Candaris

#14 Posted by Nicole5525 (3 posts) -
Add me please! I have peaches. FC: 2320-7006-4326 Town: Arthur Name: Nikki
#15 Posted by games9199 (9 posts) -
Add me Friend code 2036-7039-4610
#16 Posted by tns007 (15 posts) -
4725-9270-4155 Town: Compton Name: tyrone xD
#17 Posted by tns007 (15 posts) -
[QUOTE="tns007"]4725-9270-4155 Town: Compton Name: tyrone xD

I have oranges!!
#18 Posted by Miss_Ocelot (4 posts) -

Hello my name is Jen, from the UK.

Please add me too, my town has lot's of plant's.

Thank you :)


#19 Posted by Sunsha (20644 posts) -
[QUOTE="tns007"]4725-9270-4155 Town: Compton Name: tyrone xD

That's awesome. Anyway, my friend code is 2637-9527-5150. Town; Sunishi Name in game: Sunny My name for the friend code thing is just Sunsha.
#20 Posted by IAMREANNE (34 posts) -
Hey everyone...I love the 3DS animal crossing: new leaf. Looking for friends to add to the game. Add my 3DS FRIEND CODE: 1977-1078-1816 & 3DS NAME: REOS. Next, Email me at reosthetos@gmail.com w/ 3ds name and 3ds FC or reply to this message with your 3ds name/3ds FC & I will add you back. -REOS
#21 Posted by Rubyriverfalls (1 posts) -
Name: Vanessa Friend code: 4441-8997-3387 I need friends too.
#22 Posted by Mooglecharm15 (15 posts) -
Adding everyone in this thread as of this moment. FC: 0791-1575-5251 Town: Ivalice Fruit: Cherries
#23 Posted by monkeys1357 (3 posts) -
Name:Cassie Town:Canada FC:3738-0041-1365
#24 Posted by mgaverz356 (1 posts) -
Please add me, Name: matty FC: 3093-7060-2951
#25 Posted by animemeow (4 posts) -
i will add you all ^-^ Name: Cat Code: 4940-6880-6526
#26 Posted by animemeow (4 posts) -
Hi i have added you if that is ok... ^-^ My details: Name: Cat Town: Mound FC: 4940-6880-6526 ^-^
#27 Posted by animemeow (4 posts) -
Hi i have added you if that is ok... ^-^ My details: Name: Cat Town: Mound FC: 4940-6880-6526 ^-^
#28 Posted by RetryAgain (101 posts) -

I don't play New Leaf, but your name is Neku from TWEWY and your town is Traverse Town. That makes you my favorite person in the world. Just had to say it. 

#29 Posted by sirvick (5 posts) -

Add me guys Come to a city all the way down from Brazli


FC: 1650-1653-0413

Name: SirVick


City Name: Frankton 


Added some people from the thread. 

#30 Posted by Glyde32 (7 posts) -

Add Me!!!!!!





Added everyone on thread and will add everyone after me!!!

#31 Posted by marymack43 (1 posts) -
Please add me Town= Xanadu 358285027462 Name Marymack
#32 Posted by shaylevyk (1 posts) -
I would love to have more ACNL friends. name: Slade town name: Kanto friend code: 0173-2142-9412 fruits: oranges also in the processes of growing pears, bananas cherries and mangoes.
#33 Posted by Unit313 (4 posts) -
I recently acquired Animal Crossing: New Leaf Add Me! Name: Tyler Friend code: 2750-1155-8779 Town: Treeville Fruit: Apples
#34 Posted by Dark_Fox__ (1 posts) -
Name: Joshua Friend Code: 4785-5127-1242 Town name: IronTown Fruit: Apple but I have some more trees growing. I'm really new I just add you tyler if anyone else adds me let me know I'm just looking for people to play with.
#35 Posted by Suppppppppppper (2 posts) -
Hey my friend code is 3067 4746 5617 I will always have the gate open name jr
#36 Posted by Endl_ds (634 posts) -

Name: Fang

Town: Pawston

FC: 2921 9962 7994

My town has oranges and im growin pears now and i just got game today.

#37 Posted by SKACnewleaf (1 posts) -
you can add me too :) 4742-5630-5045 is my code name is Simone
#38 Posted by leftyjas (8 posts) -
Name: Jason Town: Crimson FC: 0018-0783-7674 Fruits: Oranges I also have lemons, cherry, durian fruit, mango, and banana.
#39 Posted by bobbie_harvey (3 posts) -
I'll start adding you guys! Name: Bobbie Town: The Bay Friend code: 4055-3684-0750
#40 Posted by cupcakelover_24 (6 posts) -
added you my name is ashlye and my fc is 2019-9662-2394
#41 Posted by cupcakelover_24 (6 posts) -
everyone else can add me as well I think ive gotten most everyone, but if I missed you let me know
#42 Posted by Knightly (4 posts) -
Likewise I think I've got about everyone. Name: Amir Friend Code: 1289-8452-7390 Town: Falshire Add me.
#43 Posted by Darrell330 (3 posts) -
Everyone add me ill add everyone else! Name:Darrell330 FC:0791-1940-0615
#44 Posted by babygirl324 (2 posts) -
Hello everyone ... I'm Tabby (BabyGirl) n I'm looking for friends for this game ... plz add me / I will add everyone who has posted their friend code on here as well ... thx for adding Name: BabyGirl Town: Starry Code: 5241-2704-1978 My town has coconuts, oranges, pears and lemons so far
#45 Posted by Panzeros (2 posts) -
Evenin' ladies and gents! I need some friendlings! 3668-7535-3909. Add me up and we'll throw stuff at the animals! XD Name: Adam Town: Fuji
#46 Posted by IchigoKoibito (2 posts) -
Hey! I just started yesterday, but I wanna come to your town or something! Haha, My friends code: 0044 3320 5875 ! My name is Olivia, but since I bought this ds secondhand, it might be something else when you add me! (I added everyone on this forum!!)
#47 Posted by YouNOspotMe (162 posts) -

Everyone who said they were going to add everyone in this thread : please don't forget us on page 1! We're still active! I've added literally everyone in this thread now. Please add me back so we can visit each other :)

Mawiony from Gardenia

FC : 3093-7492-1537

#48 Posted by alive75 (8 posts) -
The name is Thiago, i'm from Brazil and just got the game. My town is Galifrey and here's my FC: 3539-9667-1402
#49 Posted by rathclyne (2 posts) -
hi, I've added you, My friend code is 5300 8956 5466 name Leo
#50 Posted by rathclyne (2 posts) -
hi, I've added you, My friend code is 5300 8956 5466 name Leo Town Penzance