one of the best Iphone/Ipod touch apps.

User Rating: 8 | Angry Birds IP
This game is where pigs steal the birds eggs then that's when the birds become angry and try to get them back.This game is fun at first it is easy but as you go on it gets harder.This game is definetly one of the best apps ever made.If you have a Iphone,Ipod,Android,Ipad and maybe a few other ones then by all means get this game.This is not just out for Ipod and Iphone it is out for many other things this is coming out for 3DS soon.This game has a lot of great levels in it I will tell you about them.In the levels as you go on there are other birds to play as.You launch the birds and try to get the pigs and that's basically it.This game can be frustrating but it is still a great g ame and you should really get this because it rocks.Final Score:8.0 out of 10.Thanks for reading.Also angry birds space just came out i will review that game really soon.