First Rio, then Star Wars what will be next in the series?

User Rating: 7.5 | Angry Birds Star Wars AND
First there was Angry Birds Space which was released back in March and then they released a few mini games on a few sites like Google Chrome and Facebook. Then they released Bad Piggies and now they've released Angry Birds Star Wars, which was announced a month ago and it's finally released on I-phone and Android phones. This is based on a cross-over with the original series which are Episode IV, V and VI, but for now there's only Episode IV for now.

You'll notice straight away that the birds are the Rebels and the Evil Piggies are the Empire. It does follow a few moments in the original series but tries to make the Angry Birds version funny on its panel cutscenes. Chapters for Angry Birds Star Wars include Tatooine and the Death Star altogether have a good 80 levels and 10 bonus levels included which should keep you busy on your phone.

Like Angry Birds Space it might feel a little similar on its gameplay, Red birds can use a lightsaber which can slice your way through creates, Yellow birds can use a blaster and fire 3 shots at either enemies or creates. Black birds can use the Force by tapping on the screen on where you want to use it on, and Chewbacca birds can smash through heavy creates and the Blue birds are the rebel pilots and tapping once on the screen three birds will pop out. Using you slingshot you can aim where you want to fire your angry bird and try see if you can smash through anything or even getting rid of any Piggies.

At the end of each level you'll get a star rating between 1 or 3 star rating on each level, certain levels if you see any Golden droid eggs lying around on certain levels, they can lead you to the bonus levels. The millennium Falcon icons can be used if you're completely stuck on a level you can fire one in the air and then tap on the screen where you can to fire, this will help take down any large objects or Piggies on some of the hard levels.

I would admit that the graphics and art environments look pretty impressive to see comparing it to the original series which we've all seen where Tatooine is all desert dust and the Death Star and galaxy levels look dark and grimy to look at. I loved the idea on what the Piggies and angry birds looked like in Star Wars gear which looks impressive and makes a change to the original series, and trying out new ideas. This does feel more of a sequel to Angry Birds Space with some improvements but however half it feels the same as the formulas we've seen in the past games.

There will be more updates in the future and possibly some more levels to download, you can unlock a few more levels but you'll need to purchase on the on the Android/Google store but that should cost you no more than 69p or even under $1. It's worth checking out seeing what the fuss is about mixing Angry Birds with Star Wars is a nice idea but do wonder what movie-based theme they'll do next.