This game should really be an extension to the other Angry Birds games.

User Rating: 6 | Angry Birds Friends IP

Angry Birds Friends is a video game which was originally released as a Facebook game in 2012 but it was re-released as an iOS and Android game. Like the Facebook game it has weekly tournaments which see who can score the highest in all of the six levels. The game retains key features like the power-ups, the birds and the challenging levels. To play the game, you must have a Facebook account as this was originally released for Facebook. You can also challenge other friends at this game to see how good you are at Angry Birds, though the whole inviting friends concept can be useless if you do not have any friends who play this game.

I think that Angry Birds Friends is an alright game with the weekly tournaments and the original Angry Birds charm. But this game has flaws. There is barely enough content for this game to be a stand-alone app and the invitation column is kinda useless because all of my Facebook Friends don't even play this. This game would have been good as an extension or a sub-game to the other Angry Birds games, but it doesn't do much justice as a stand-alone game. I think it is good for those who want to play the game on the go, other than that, you are better off sticking with the Facebook version or even the other Angry Birds games.