Horrible boss fights ruin the experience

I have played the original DX1 and Invisible war, I have to say human revolution indeed carry on it's legacy pretty well. That said, all the enjoyment in the game ended when boss fights begins.

One of the best thing in DXHR is that you can use all kind of augmentation to approach every situation differently, so when every player encounters the boss, they all have different augmentations, however in boss fight it seems they favor certain augs better than others. In my experience I'm a stealth aug guys so the most upgraded are cloaking and hacking augs, when facing a boss these augs can't do **** to them, maybe cloaking can help out a little, but it's not like crysis 2 cloaking, it only last for a few seconds, still enough time for them to finish you off.

So unless I replay another character and start a different aug guy, or lower the difficulty, some of the bosses are just ridiculously hard, the second female boss I estimated I put at least 35 solid shotgun round at close~ mid range, nothing happens, and another 60 combat rifle round also does not hurt at all, but my friend uses typhoon like 3~4 time plus some shotgun round and it's done, so it's clearly in favor of certain augs.

I really cannot give this game higher than 6.5, without the boss fights I can give it 7 maybe 7.5, I mean keeping dying at boss fight in order to learn it's tactics is so last century, I mean what are we now? Super Nintendo era?