Although it's not so historical and true but a good game

User Rating: 9.4 | Ancient Wars: Sparta PC
I have only played the Persians' campaign and skirmish and it was good .a few things was stupid about Persians like their Arabian like clothes and their dark skins but it was totally good.landscape is highly detailed in almost everywhere.troops are detailed as high as landscape and even better.when you click to train a soldier he will start practicing in your training can fully customize their can even use the fallen enemies' weapons and save some gold and wood.Close combat is so good in this one you won't have to watch two soldiers hitting each other and none of them die.even heroes can die by light infantry's blade.animals move so realistic on battlefield and if you kill their rider you are able to steal time a spartan stole my own empty war elephant and killed half of my cannot command animals without a driver unlike many other games.And one of the best things in this game:you have time long enough to build a massive army and plan your attack unlike all other RTSs.And finally the naval battle.naval battles will help you enjoy the game even more if you are tired of fighting in land.