Nothing new.A good strategy game,though.Not what we were exactly waiting for.Very hard for new gamers.Small for experts.

User Rating: 7 | Ancient Wars: Sparta PC
Well,it wasn't the game that we were waiting for. A good strategy(real-time) game,but not quite. I,personally awaited for something else. It is a medium-difficulty game in most of its part.There are three countries available to play.Egyptians, Persians and of course, Spartans. Each with its own campaign. Spartan campaign is somewhat difficult in the end.Egyptian campaign is difficult.Persian campaign is the hardest.In the end it is impassable. As you understand, the game will be very difficult for new Strategy gamers. The graphics are just great(!),but the gameplay isn't its "best point". That, probably, because by the time this game was being developed, "Infernal" was also being developed. And even its Developer and Publisher didn't support it like Infernal and didn't give much attention. There aren't many options in multiplayer, not many maps available and it would be nice to create a map for you only(like many other games) and don't have to await for the modding tools to be published. If you have already bought it, don't be disappointed. Enjoy it. If you haven't, take first a look to other games.