Newest edition in AA brings you vehicles, 3 new maps, co-op, AI, new weapons, and tons of bugs.

User Rating: 8.6 | America's Army: Special Forces Overmatch PC
Compared to previous versions of America's Army, not that much has changed in the basic gameplay. Most differences come from: Added co-op mode, where small number of human players go against a large number of AI soldiers. (AI is something completely new)

Vehicles for both human and AI soldiers, currently vehicles are only in co-op maps. Humans can control Humvees that come equipped with powerfull CROWS system, with it a player can control the "turret" in top of the car safely from the backseat of the Humvee.

Javelin Missile System to effectively destroy enemy vehicles.

3 New maps, including Steamroller that is a normal mp map, and 2 co-op maps, SF Snakeplain and Interdiction. Snakeplain is the one with the vehicles(and bugs...)

All those above are good things, vehicles are done well, new maps are interesting and it's fun to play on co-op maps against AI, it encourages teamwork and there's no cheat accusations ect. New training for Humvee and Javelin were quite fun also. No complaints here.

Unfortunately AA 2.7 comes with a hefty amount of bugs. Especially Snakeplain is filled with them. Also the AAMBS doesn't work at all, AAMBS is the system you use to choose the servers you play on ect. And not to forget the performance issuess, even tho the graphic engine is old and the graphics are in no way impressive, the game refuses to run smoothly, especially on Steamroller. It's ridiculous that you can play FEAR Combat on all high and it runs WAY smoother than AA on medium settings... Infact I got smoother gameplay in Oblivion than in AA, and that says a lot. A good CPU makes the biggest difference in AA. Hence 5 for the Graphics.

I have a mixed feeling about this one, I'm pissed off that it doesn't run smooth and is filled with bugs, but the new features are lots of fun and even up the score. You need a fresh new install for AA2.7, that means 2.5Gb download and uninstalling the old versions of AA completely from your PC. Was that trouble worth a bad framerate and few new features ..I would say yes.