This uber realistic shooter can be the new favorite for military fans or tactical shooter fans.

User Rating: 7.8 | America's Army: Rise of a Soldier XBOX
America's Army is an interesting game. First off, if you are not into shooters, especially tactical ones, DO NOT GET THIS GAME. Even aiming is somewhat difficult in America's Army. This game's backbone is realism. In case some people missed the title, you are in the army. You start of as a rifleman in a 4 man squad then elevate yourself to grenadier, SAW gunner, etc. The levels are huge, and really give you the feeling you are put of a team. You have to cover squad mates, and secure positions and do other army-esque things. Another aspect I myself love about this game is how I get orders. In other military games, you got orders but they were very broad, in this game, you get orders and you have to follow them. Its fun because I dont feel like some rambo guy going off on my own. In fact, if you leave you team, you lose the mission.

Gameplay wise, this game is decent. Its kind of parallel to the PC game America's Army. You can crouch, lie prone and do all those normal shooter things that you could do in any other game. Something different in this game is aiming. When you zoom in down your sights, you gun is like having spasms. This is when the realism kicks in. If you are standing up and are not "focusing" you won't hit anything. Crouching is the next best, and then when you lie prone you are very accurate. A cool gameplay tid bit is when you are crouching, and then run to the next cover, you auto crouch again, which is really cool.

Sound: The sound is good. The guns all sound spot on, and the sound effects like explosions, radio chatter, and just plain evironental sounds are cool.

Graphics: This is probably the worst aspects of this game. Frankly, the graphics could be better. Ubisoft made this game, and people would expect the type of graphics in the GR games, but it doesnt hold up in this game. But because of this graphical sacrafice, the levels are HUGE and the draw distance is very impressive. Reloading your gun looks great and a really cool extra is when you run, you lower your gun. Its these little things that make America's Army a fun game.