it is the spongebob shows you like on the go

awesome this is great it has the shows on it are 4 of the best spongebob shows.this is amazing.this is a great video it has cool shows they rock.it is spongebob on the go.You can watch this anywhere at anytime.you can watch this in your car on a airplane or on a train/subway just make sure your gameboy/DS is charged.it is better on the DS well thats the way i see it.there is 3 volumes of spongebob on the gameboy.But as i said you can put this in your DS but you cant put it in the DSI or DSI XL. this is a passable video for the gameboy this has the spongebob characters that you know and love. this video is one of the best video's on the gameboy/DS but i dont have volume 2 or 3 so i dont know if this is better than 2 or 3.but this one ROCKS IT IS SO AWESOME,GREAT,GOOD,IT IS COOL it is well............you get the point this is awesome.my rating:plankton 9.7 out of 10 jellyfishing 7.9 out of 10 bubblestand 8.7 out of 10 ripped pants 9.6 out of 10