"Great in every way, but left wanting more"

User Rating: 7.1 | America's Army: Rise of a Soldier XBOX
There is something special about a game that really does capture the intensity of a modern day battle with American troops. America's Army not only captures this feeling but it also goes on to make it interesting to those who are not interested in the military or realistic shooter.

Gameplay- I have to give this game a seven on gameplay because it is a fantastic shooter in its own right that is interesting and compelling. However, I found that several aspects of the game were simply unchanged after being on the pc for so long. I would of liked to see a more complex and complicated online and single player gameplay because it is just plain to easy to level up you character.

That was another major problem i had with the game, is that it felt like I was moving so fast through the ranks that i never was able to enjoy the success of my previous accomplishments. Even in multiplayer I found myself wondering how in the world i was able to rise to the highest rank so quickly even though I was losing half the battles. This can be looked on as good or bad. It is good to see a game that really focuses on the short attention span of most gamers but if you are a diehard who must spend countless hours playing for months on end, well you might be disappointed. The major reason is that you get to the end so fast that you have nothing else to accomplish which then leaves the game a little stale.

The fun though lies within the ranking up and countless online battles you will have. They are intense and require team work for success. The single play was a major let down mostly case half of it is training missions. I know the military wants to give the gamer a realistic out look on the life of a soldier, but they are missing the point of what makes a game sale. What makes a game sale is the fact that it you can jump right in a killing enemies left and right from the first level. Not many people want to sit through 10 or 15 missions going through really boring training levels. The only benefit these levels have is help you understand the controls even more before you go nuts in multiplayer and die with ten seconds from the start everytime.

Graphics- This is where the game falls flat on its face. It is not because the developers did not have a good engine, it just seemed like they were being lazy. The character models are passable or at least the American soldier characters. The textures are bland and poor. It just seemed like the developers did not want to take the time to make the game look good but get it on the selves as soon as possible. I will admit the explosions and affects were rather well done but do not really add that much to the gameplay itself.

Sound- Sound was rather well done and really made you feel the intensity of battle. The guns all sounded great all though I felt like the saw was a little muffled for such a large gun. Explosions were large and really did make you nervouse if they were close. I also enjoyed how you could here the other teams actions and speech when they were close by, it really add to the intensity.

Overall i really enjoyed this game, but was left wanting more. If the game would of been less of a port of the PC version and more of a ground up development I think the developers could of created a great console expierance. I am glad i picked this one up and if you are interested in the matieral then you should defiantly check this one out.