America's Army makes sure that war is hell.

User Rating: 6 | America's Army: Rise of a Soldier XBOX
God.....This game is sooooooooo overpriced. It costs about $49.99 and for such a high price its not that good. It seems the developers thought that people loved the PC version (a online game, which is a good game) so much they'd think that everyone was diehard fans, but no we aren't so it seems like they didn't try very hard with this game. Sad, thought it seemed so good at first but then, failed miserably. Kinda like Operation Market Garden, except we are the Allies and the game is the Germans. So my final review is.........6.1 for fudgly graphics and horrid voiceovers and cut scenes. And also there is almost a non-existent storyline, it seems the Americans just moved in a conquered a place kinda like Iraq, oh wouldja look at that.
Rent it trust me...50 dollars can be used on a much better game like Call of Duty or Ghost Recon for the XBOX.