User Rating: 5.6 | America's Army: Rise of a Soldier XBOX
This game isnt half as good as i thought it was going to be. The game in whole is very realistic, but this necesarily isnt a good thing, for example its pretty much one hit kill, you have to undergo alot of training before doing a real mission, and then your not in comand, your following dam orders, and last and worst of all, theres no crosshairs!. The only time ive ever come across a game without crosshairs is in games with sniper rifles, but in them games you still have cross hairs for pistols and things, it just makes things hard when you have to aim to kill an enemy.

The graphics on the game arent to bad, but ive seen much better, the people dont even open their mouths to talk.

the sound isnt to bad, voices are clear and guns sound realistic.

I havnt got that far in the game due to severe bordom and fustration that this game causes, on many occasions i failed the mission for not staying with the team, and on several occasions, killing the squad leader.

This game isnt worth buying and probably isnt worth playing either, its just boring, mainly because you have to follow orders which are just to strict and lacking of fun, its a real shame because this game could have been much better than it is.

probably the best thing about the game is skill building through out the campaign, this has never been done before with an FPS and is a good idea, but with no kills to begin with you handle weapons liek youve never seen one, never mind held one before and yu die very quickly.

if you are stil thinking about buying the game just rent it first, its not worth the money.