America's Army 3 Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

    Code Effect
    Win 50 rounds as Squad Leader. Follow Me
    Qualify Basic Rifle Marksmanship with the M16A4. Weapon Bar: Rifle
    Qualify Expert with the M4 in Tier 1 Advanced Rifleman. Weapon Bar: Carbine
    Qualify Expert with Auto. Rifle in Tier 1 Automatic Rifleman. Weapon Bar: Auto. Rifle
    Qualify Expert with M320 in Tier 1 Grenadier. Weapon Bar: M320
    Qualify Expert with M16DMR in Tier 1 Squad Designated Marksman. Weapon Bar: M16DMR
    Qualify Expert on every station in Weapons Familiarization. Expert Weapons Badge
    Qualify Expert on the Combat Life Saving course. Expert Life Saver Badge
    Accumulate 2 hours of playtime in each MOS role. Combat Infantryman Badge
    Qualify Expert on the Obstacle Course. Physical Fitness Badge
    Graduate from Basic Training. Army Service Ribbon
    Accumulate 20 hours of online play. Czervenia Campaign Ribbon
    Win the round while the last man left on your team and outnumbered. Against All Odds
    Complete 50 Activated objectives. Assault Specialist
    Neutralize 20 enemies after being revived that had incapacitated you earlier in the round. Avenger
    Win 50 rounds while playing Defense (Defend, Ambush, or Counter). Defense Specialist
    Win 50 rounds as an Automatic Rifleman. Distinguished Automatic Rifleman
    Win 50 rounds as a Grenadier. Distinguished Grenadier
    Win 50 rounds as a Rifleman. Distinguished Rifleman
    Win 50 rounds as a Squad Designated Marksman. Distinguished Squad Designated Marksman
    Be linked to a teammate when they complete an objective 50 times. Got Your Back
    Secure 50 enemies. Mr. Zip Cuff
    Neutralize the VIP 50 times. Not On My Watch
    Recover and Extract 50 carryable objectives. Recovery Specialist
    Complete 30 Squad Leader assigned objectives. Stick to the Plan
    Confirm 50 enemies. Tag and Bag
    Neutralize 50 enemies with sighted headshots as a SDM. Consummate Professional
    Qualify Expert on every Basic Combat Training level. Expert Infantryman Badge
    Revive 50 teammates. Up and At 'Em
    Extract 50 times as the VIP. Very Important Player
    Win 100 matches (any mission/map). "V" for Victory
    Capture 50 Take & Hold objectives. Security Specialist
    Qualify Expert on all training missions (BCT & AIT). Army Commendation Medal
    Qualify Basic Rifle Marksmanship by hitting 23 targets. Basic Rifle Marksmanship Badge
    Qualify as Expert in Basic Rifle Marksmanship by hitting 36 targets. Expert Basic Rifle Marksmanship Badge
    Qualify as Sharpshooter in Basic Rifle Marksmanship by hitting 30 targets. Sharpshooter Basic Rifle Marksmanship Badge
    Complete 50 objectives as a Rifleman. Mission First
    Complete 30 consecutive rounds without any ROE violations. Spotless Record
    Play a match on every map (any mission). Army Overseas Service Ribbon
    Dive on a live grenade saving at least one teammate from certain death. Ultimate Sacrifice
    Neutralize two enemies with one grenade as Grenadier (awarded on after enemy is confirmed). Two Birds, One Stone
    Complete an objective after being revived. Walk It Off
    test achievement Deadeye -
    Damage at least 2 enemies with a single trigger pull 50 times as an Automatic Rifleman. Suppressive Results
    Neutralize 5 enemies in one round (awarded on after enemy is confirmed). Hawkeye
    Win a match without ever being neutralized. One Man Army
    Stay linked to your team the entire round. No "I" in Team

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