Alundra Cheats For PlayStation

  1. The Legendary Sword

    To get the Legend Sword (most powerful weapon in the game) you must have the "POWER GLOVE" given to you by Jess. Then you need to die and use the "QUICK RESTART" feature over 16 times (this can be done at any time in the game even before you get the power glove.) After doing all of that head for the statue of KING SNOW which is west of INOA VILLAGE and use the power glove to lift the large rock blocking your way to the staue. Walk up to the statue and the screen darkens, if you have done all of the above correctly King Snow will pity you and give you the Legend Sword. This Sword should be your weapon of choice, although it cannot perform a charge attack it is still the strongest weapon in the entire game.

  2. Jess's Armor Fixed for Free

    After you get Jess' broken armor, you can take it to Lurvy and get it fixed, but for a large sum of money. So instead climb the cliffs behind his house until you are the highest you can go on the right side. From there, jump down a few cliffs to the treasure chest on the cliff directly behind Lurvy's house. And from that cliff jump to his roof and then on top of his chimney, you will fall into Lurvy's house. You catch Lurvy doing something and he says that he'll fix anything of yours for free, if you don't tell anyone about his secret. So just give him the broken armor and walk out with a new shiny piece of armor

  3. Gilded Falcon on first trip in Magyscar Dungeon

    To get the chest blocked by bushes in Magyscar on the first trip (without having to go back with the fire wand) do the following: Once your in the room with the chest make sure you can access the torches on the north side of the room by flicking the lever. (Note you have to do this very quickly). You have to get a bomb beside the lever at the bottom so that it's just barely making it flip, (throw a couple of bombs down until you get the right position) then quickly throw another bomb on the opposite side, then very quickly run over the platforms grab a torch then run back and jump onto the platforms. If done correctly you will now have access to the bushes on the northwest side of the room. Now burn the bushes and claim your reward, a Gilded Falcon.

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