Not enough action, but the stealth and tactics options makes the game a break from all those FPS games.

SOCOM: U.S Navy Seals: Tactical Strike is a fun military squad command game, but doesn't have much in the combat. It's simply just stealth, snipe, ambush or grenade the terorrists. It has HUGE content, like a coop multiplayer, 9 different countries to choose, some missions, a choice of weapons and customizations etc.

The graphics are ok for a PSP game, but some textures look a bit bad. The models and details are good though.

As I said before, this game is not a action game. Here you don't run and scope quickly and then headshot someone. In this game, you sneak instead of attack. You should only attack if they notice you or if they block. Sniping is one of the most fun things in this game, but it's quite limited.

The games controls are very hard in my opinion, I cannot control 2 squads at one time with that many commands and quick action engage.

The cutscenes are quite good, so is the storyline. This game is very well made, but just doesn't have the fun fast-paced action in it.