Paint the City People...!

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: is one hell of a game...i mean this is one game u dont wanna miss ! a lotta people say that this is similar to GTA series...NO...this is soo totally different from GTA.Lets start with Gameplay,the story is about a dude named 'Trane',who is out to make a name for himself ,when he gets to know about his father's Murder,this game gets you down on the streets of the city pretty well.The challenges offered by the opposition are quite tough....The story line is pretty Neat...keeps you goin...and the Music is just amazing,each n every track in the game is brilliant.the SFX are cool too.The stunts and kicks are Good....The learning curves dont need much time,the Graphics are awesome.....real Good..! Street Art / Graphics are something to look out for...if you'r a Graphics fan...you are gonna love this one..! this is the type of a game u will never get bored of....apart from a few twitches with the camera movement....everythin else is perfect...