Intense online, Good single player campaign, good split screen multiplayer.

Well, Infinity Ward certainly makes the better Call of Duty games. Here is why:

Graphics. The game runs pretty smoothly. I have yet to see any choppy graphics on play online or just in campaign mode alone. Almost everything in COD 4 looks fantastic. A step up over the previous Call of Duty games.

Sound- Pretty much what you would expect in any Call of Duty games. The intense battle sounds are captured well. It's easy to hear the grenades, gunfire, almost everything.

Gameplay- Exactly what I want in a Call of Duty game. The melee attack has changed from hitting someone with your gun to slashing someone with your knife. I like this improvement the most in the Call of Duty series. It did feel weird trying to use your melee attack in the previous Call of Duty games. The addition of the perks for multi-player is also an outstanding addition to the game (Last-Stand for example).

The only set back in this game would have to be in the System Link and online play. The makers of Call of Duty 3 added the option of having 4 people on one screen play online or in system link. Call of Duty 4 does not have that option as it's only one player for system link or online.

For any COD fans, this game is a must.

8.9 is my overall rating