beautiful, sounds good, jumps around (lack of RAM) , good voice act, gore is always welcome.

GOW for pc is pretty good game, as one that didnt played it on the xbox, i watched movies of it on the xbox and it looks good very good but still looked kinda repetetive or something, but on the pc i got to play it and i still do, and its really nice, kinda "drill" in the mind but it's still alot of fun.

the voice and sound effects are sweet, cursing and gives a feeling of a badass team going on there, realistic acting, graphics is very nice on the high level, with 1 GIG RAM and 256 VGA memory i get anoying jumps from time to time and hardisks load so it's somewhat anoying but it doesnt happen all the time.

not a big varity of weapons or moves but the one that exist are really nice , the chainsaw is the coolest, u can cut enemies really nice with blood and everything :) we lack gore in today games, graphics gettin better but the gore stays the same.

bottom line, it's worth buying and playing on the net it's even more fun, and if you like FPS this one is for you!

good luck!