Alter Echo, phragit's review

User Rating: 8.9 | Alter Echo XBOX
This game is quite an oddity and one I was surprised to fall in love with. At it's core the game plays something like Robotech, except with even more options, many more options. Like Robotech there are 3 forms you can take fast/weak, slow/powerful and balanced, they all control perfectly. The story is also very unique and worthwhile, albeit one does lose some interest in it after a while. The enemies aern't numerous but vary more than enough from eachother. On the surface the game's environments are almost identical, but that is part of the graphics score. At a deeper level the environments all present different ostacles that are very fun to play through. The sounds are quite unique, as with most things in the game, but lack in overall quality compared to other games on a surround sound system; on mono and stereo the sound should be as good as any other. This is my favorite platformer for the Xbox and one of the best in the 128 generation of system. It would be phenomenal is the graphics stood out a little bit.