What were they thinking?

User Rating: 4 | Alter Echo PS2
Over time, you'll play great games, and terrible games. alter Echo is one of the terrible ones.

The story is fairly odd. As far as I can remember, the world's suplly of eco plaster (or something) is dangerously low, you you have to go to a distant planet to get the last suply in the universe. I could be wrong, because it's been a while since I last played the game. Once you start the game, you find out that you're playing in the living eco plast. You then find out that you need to stop the eco plasts's creator from doing something evil. I forgot what it was.

As you play the game, you'll encounter alot of problems in all areas, but alot of them seem to have some fairly strong things in the same area.

Take the graphics. They are pretty ugly to say the least. They're very colourful, but dated. There isn't alot of detail in any of the levels but they do accomplish one thing: The levels look alive. Since you're playing in the living eco plast, the things you're walking on do look look live organs, and something that could be alive. It worked really well.

Then there's the sound. You have horrible sound effects, mediocre voice acting and bad writing. But once again, something is done well. When the eco plast talks to you, you really gety a good sense that you're inside it. The echoing was done perfectly.

Now we have the horrible, horrible gameplay. Alter Echo is a bad hack and slash game with a couple of semi-interesting twists. At first, you only have your human form. But withing 45 minutes of playing, you will earn 3 new forms. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of which one you use, you'll find problems. The first is that the enemies won't die. It takes way too many hits to kill your enemies. And then one you've killed them, they all come back in exactly the same places. It can take about 10 kills beore the enemies are completely dead.

A good thing is that the levels are very short, which means that you don't need to go too far back if you die.

There are also a couple of other things, like the attacking between time. If you're really good, then you can earn the capability of attacking your enemies in a state of frozen time. Unfortunately, using this take so much practice that you;ll probably never bother.

There aren't alot of good things to say about Alter Echo, but it still has it's good points. There's no reason to own it, but if you really, really wanted to, and if there was nothing else that you wanted, it might be worth a rental.