A very underrated game that can surprise you

User Rating: 8.5 | Alpha Protocol PC
Several facts about "Alpha Protocol", an action RPG game:
1. It is an action game but you cannot really say it is RPG.
2. The game story is unique.
3. The acting and voices are marvelous.
4. This game conceals a surprise - A true psychological mind and choices war...

Now for explaining those facts:
1. The action is pretty good, but not great, but it is still not RPG game.
It does have upgrades and XP but it does not resemble any other elements for being a RPG - The game is somewhat linear and no Sand Box. No true NPC. Not a real Inventory, etc. But it still is a good enough combination for a good game.
2. The story is unique because of it's turns. It starts like any other action game but there are a lot of turns and this is really interesting and engaging.
3. I called this: An acting and voices but what I really meant is that the focusing on the player talking to others with a real great voice and acting turns out to be the peak of this game - this will be explained in the next section.
4. What makes this game a true gem is the psychological acting and the true choices the player must take in this game.

Every choice you make changes the course of the game, you must choose fast or else you miss your chance and sometimes your really miss an opportunity to gain access to people, weapons, connections etc.

When you choose - You can never be sure if you are making the right choice or not so this makes this game fascinating.

Just to show you how hard is it to make the "right" choice:
When someone threatened the player during gameplay, I found myself struggling to make the best choice and it was really hard.

So to summarize things up:
It may not be the best espionage game on earth and maybe not a true RPG, but it is still a great game which is really underrated and it conceals a true gem in it and became a great experience for me.

I really recommend this game.
The story, the act and voices, the choices you got to make, the action and stealth.

Play it!