Overhyped up game. outdated Graphics engine, poor Ai, severe bugs make game so horrible its unbelievable

User Rating: 1 | Alpha Protocol PS3
I was expecting game to be good since its from obsidian/sega, but too much money spent on marketing this fail game.

Artificial intelligence so dumbed down, enemies are afk idle or whatever you call it and you sneak behind them and instagib every single one of them.

A lot of trial and error and frustration, so even if you stuffed up your objective, just keep moving on like some max payne rambo game spraying everyone to death.

Game is very much sandbox, experiment with enemies that patrol back and forth that have no reaction time at all and poor reactionary Ai.

Saw some enemies clip right through the wall and they wall you using wall hacks and spray as if some walls were made of paper. Ai has poor vision checks and sometimes disregards line of sight principles and out goes balance.

A lot of the weapons feel useless as you get better ones. Nothing scales well, optimal paths for character development are instantly recognised all else useless, bland and unviable.

Graphics are outdated, the engine used was cheap and was limited