Nice surprise.

User Rating: 8 | Alpha Prime PC
The story goes like this: on a planet people a new energy source, hubbardium, and, of course, a battle for it begins. And you, the player, get stuck in the middle of it without warning and you must find the so called Heart which supposedly belongs to Glomar, hubbardium god or something like this. You're helped by Livia who gives you coordinates and tells you what to do in order to achieve it. But in the meanwhile there are other characters intervening and at the end, after defeating Glomar, Livia is a traitor.
When I started playing this game, I did not have my hopes too high due to other reviews, but I must say i was surprised. All right the graphics is not the greatest, the voice acting stinks, but there are some firefights so intense and so hard to win that the player must often use the save button. In these situations use the hubbardium to slow down time. It's a budget game and for 2 euros on Steam is a bargain. If you need a unpretentious shooter, then Alpha Prime is what you need.