It's a great game if you get used to the control...

User Rating: 8 | Alone in the Dark PC
I've noticed the scores for this game and I have noticed they were poor and so I have decided to give it a try. The storyline is, let's say, imbued with a Biblical topic. You, the hero, must save the world. Therefore you have to find a certain artifact that proves useful in this struggle for world salvation. You are helped by Sarah and in the end by another one who possesses a key like yours. You have to confront many enemies and I must say some of them are pretty scary. The graphics looks great and the enemies are deadly enough. You must get used to the control. There are a lot of situation when 3rd person view is needed and when the 1st one is more appropriate. Gamers complained about the controls but in a way it's interesting. You can burn all sorts of items in the environment, fire can be and in fact is your best ally. You can combine items to kill enemies. As well in the game you can drive and driving is greatly implemented. I felt frustrated by some puzzles and by the controls, but overall it's a great game and you should not care about the underrate score.