You know the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none"? This game is like that, if by "jack" you m

User Rating: 3.5 | All-Pro Football 2K8 X360
Where to begin? Nothing about this game stands out as being very good, and the be honest, it gives football a bad name. Back when the 2K series were competing with Madden, it was a hard decision between the two, as they were just about equal in terms of gameplay, graphics, and features. However, 2K has a loooooong ways to go if it wants to be a success.

The first thing I noticed with the game was the graphics. The models and animations seem PS2-ish, and the textures almost as bad a PS1 games. The framerate isn't smooth, the voice-synching is laughable, and the players all look like anarexic nerds. Don't football players work out? I mean, the linemen have a good gut on them, but most WR's and QB's looked like they couldn't have weighed more than 120 pounds.

Then there's the sound. The music, commentary, and voice acting just sounds flat-out bad. The sound effects are even worse. When I expect a bone-crunching hit, I'm treated to the sound of someone crushing a bag of crackers into a $4.99 webcam microphone. When I expect to hear players in a huddle, I hear fuzzy, crackly, low-bitrate canned noises. Just not cutting it!

The gameplay is also lacking. The game is just so aggravating, mainly due to the nonsensical button choices and limited play calling options. Who wants to sort through all that crap? It's a travesty, really. It makes a good game of football into a game of WTF why would anyone play this?

Overall, avoid it. PLEASEEE! I had high hopes for this game, but without an NFL license, good graphics, passable sound, or fun gameplay, this is a game that just never should have been.