The long anticipated resurrection of the 2K football series is finally here. Phenomenal gameplay (Yes, Phenomenal).

User Rating: 7 | All-Pro Football 2K8 X360
If you question my opinion of this amazing game , then play it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. When it comes to console football, I am the biggest critic. Gameplay, Gameplay, Gameplay, Isn't that what it is really about. This game brings fluid gameplay along with so much more. Polish, depth and innovation are just a few of the adjectives I choose to describe this game. The player mechanics and improved A.I. have repositioned this game as the Next-Gen football leader . There is however, one downfall to this game, it is the fact that it lacks an off-line franchise mode. But as we all have come to the realization in today's gaming society, on-line play , or head-to-head play is where true sports games separate themselves. Like I said before, GAMEPLAY, GAMEPLAY, GAMEPLAY. There is a reason this game hit the shelves before the NCAA and Madden release. 2k Sports wanted YOU to taste the sweetness and purity of football before the competition leaves a bad taste in your mouth.